Caption: North senior management meeting.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports held its senior management meeting at Ro Qomate House in Labasa for the first time last week.

Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Laisenia Tuitubou said that “a change in environment often augurs well with decision making and sometimes opens new innovations from those at the helm of leadership.”

“This is the first time we are bringing all heads of departments and divisions to the north,” said Hon. Tuitubou. “This meeting is always held every month in Suva.”

“We want to ensure that the decision makers get a personal experience of what the northern division is like so they can understand what the workers and our stakeholders are going through while doing their duties,” said the youth minister.

He added that the northern trip by the senior managers would help create an understanding of the challenges faced by youths in the north and would help direct the ministry in providing its services.

The Ministry’s Director for Youth and Sports Mr William Naisara said; “The meeting coincides with the Minister’s visit to the northern division. The meeting will hear some directions and areas of improvement from the Minister.”

“They will also hear of the Minister’s findings during his visits and decisions could be made to ensure that young people in the northern division are provided equal assistance as other provinces around Fiji,” said Mr Naisara.

He added that the meeting will also be taken to the western and eastern divisions and other parts of the central division apart from Suva.



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