NDP Consultation in Rabi Island. Photo:SUPPLIED.



The need for a government service centre was highlighted at the National Development Plan consultation in Nuku on the island of Rabi yesterday.

Rabi Council of Leaders Executive Director,  David Christopher informed the NDP team that a government service centre was a need for the island as it is too costly for the people to continue crossing to Savusavu.

“It must be included in the plan, the need for a government service centre on the island such as social welfare and other government agencies as it is too difficult for our people to travel to Savusavu,” Mr Christopher said.

He said land was available for government to lease for a service centre which will provide essential services for the people of Rabi.

Mr Christopher also raised the island’s concern on the need for more markets for their fishermen and rural banking services.

He said in the next five to ten years they expect Rabi to receive proper water supply to the four villages on the island.

Divisional Planning Officer Northern Alipate Bolalevu said the concerns raised by the village leaders indicated the need for more development on Rabi island.

“Most of the concerns raised in the 20 year plan are water, solar power and improvement in road and government services,” Mr Bolalevu said.

Tabewa Village representative Ana Tiraka also requested the NDP team for housing assistance.

“There are around 30 houses on this island that were damaged during tropical cyclone Thomas and we hope that this can be included in governments plan to help our people,” Mrs Tiraka said.

Mr Bolalevu said he would look into it and housing assistance would be included in their rural housing project assistance for next year.

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