Yaroi Village consultation. Photo:SUPPLIED.



Villagers of Yaroi in Savusavu today gathered at the village hall to hand in their submissions to the National Development Plan Consultation team today.

Village headman Epi Salala informed the NDP team that they had been looking forward to making their submissions and highlight their plans to government all week.

“We are excited to finally meet with the NDP team and our submissions include the need for a proper sewage treatment plant for Savusavu, we hope government will consider this in their five year plan,” Mr Salala said.

Mr Salala added that a proper sewage treatment plant is needed for Savusavu considering the importance of protecting marine areas.

He said this was also an important submission due to the increase in tourist arrivals  and government’s Balaga jetty project was also expected to attract more investors into the Northern town.

NDP team leader Luke Koroisave informed the villagers that the Balaga jetty project is one of the major projects for Savusavu and there were already plans in place for a proper sewage plant.

Yaroi village traditional head, Simeli Tabucala requested the team to also include the need for more consultations regarding i-qoliqoli leases.

“We understand development is taking place, we accept this, but the i-qoliqoli is also our source of income, we get our daily meals from the sea and we would like to hold more talks on this issue,” Mr Tabucala said.

The NDP team was also lauded for reaching out to people living in villages and settlements and accepting submissions.

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