Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


The Pacific Disability Forum is currently leading a research, together with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat that aims to improve the quality of lives of all Pacific Islanders with disabilities.

The purpose of the research is to get a better understanding about the process that countries use in the lead up to ratifying the CRPD; what factors enable and what strategies spport, CRPD ratification as well as how they overcame any challenges.

The Pacific Disability Forum, CEO, Mr. Setareki Macanawai said that this will be the first research of this kind on the CRPD and therefore the Pacific will be contributing to the international evidence base available on disability and development.

Mr Macanawai added that this will help capture the progress in the Pacific and identify the good practices being taken across the region to promote, protect and fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities.

“Also it will help build partnerships between governments and Disabled People’s Organisations in line with the CRPD”, he said

The research will involve research assistants from Disabled Persons organizations from around the region, which will help build their capacity in terms of their research skills.

“The research is part of the 2 year UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) funded Pacific Enable Project and is aimed to be completed in June 2014,” she said.

Meanwhile, the partners in this Project include the ILO, UNICEF, UNESCAP, WHO, UN Volunteers, Pacific Disability Forum and Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.


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