PPSEAWA Fiji Recognizes Families Need

By Tagimeucia Koroivuki

The Pan Pacific & South East Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA) held their 25th International Conference in Suva. PPSEAWA is the only international women’s organization devoted to families, peace and understanding in the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

Sixteen participants of the Fiji Western PPSEAWA group attended the conference led by PPSEAWA President West Mrs Bulou Akanisi Koroitamana and Vice President Adi Varanisese Ligalevu. The conference theme focused on “Managing the Environment for a Sustainable and Peaceful World.”

Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Jiko Luveni based her topic on “Managing the Home Environment for a Peaceful and Balanced Family Existence” and believes that parenting skills are crucial but are lacking in families in Fiji.

“Parenting skills are lacking and parents want ideas about keeping peace and ask how to teach peace and other important family values to their children.”

“The truth is everyone knows the important things we need to do each day that teach values.  We just need to do them.  A non-threatening home environment allows individuals to talk about the things that are most important to each person,” she added.

Other Topics were based on Natural Disaster Management and Food Security. Among the Panelist was Astronaut and Scientist from Indonesia Dr. Pratiwi Suadarmono who felt that the conference was a success.

“The conference was great and Successful.  The theme reflected on its daily programs showed the strength of women around the world to play a role in its community in disaster management and disaster risk reduction in preserving environment as well as in family education.”

“Every country will bring home a lot of lesson to be integrated for and implemented on those topics mentioned above,” she added.

Dr Suadarmono expressed her interest in empowering women back in her home country.

“My interest is to bring more empowerment to women in several aspects, especially in Indonesia, leading to bigger roles of women in community development but also as an agent of peace and prosperity for their people in society.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Luveni feels that the younger generation must be included with the projects and objectives made by PPSEAWA.

“A critical group that must become more involved in PPSEAWA and especially its project work on the environment; are young people including children.  It is going to be their world and it is vital that they be part and parcel of any future Projects that you (PPSEAWA) will undertake.”

The International Conference attracted participants from U.S.A, Tonga, Thailand, Taiwan, Samoa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia Japan, Hawaii, Australia, American Samoa and Fiji.

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