Digicel celebrates 6th anniversary

Digicel Fiji CEO Darren McLean with brand ambassador and Assistant Minister of Youth & Sport, Iliesa Delana and staff at 6th anniversary celebrations.


‘Gift of Life’ at Digicel Fiji’s birthday celebration and honour for brand ambassador elected as new Member of Parliament

Wednesday 1st October – Digicel Fiji celebrated its sixth anniversary by organizing a blood drive at its head office in Suva today.

This is the third year for the telecommunication giant to hold a blood drive for its staff to celebrate its birthday. The drive helps the national blood bank which needs up to 50 pints of blood per day to meet the demand. This blood drive will help as the CWM Hospital needs to stock enough blood as a team of doctors from India will start cardiac surgeries in Suva next week.

Digicel Head of Marketing, Sheryl Singh donating blood.

Digicel Head of Marketing, Sheryl Singh donating blood.

The National Manager for the Health Ministry’s blood bank, Josefa Bolaqace said this was a great initiative from Digicel Fiji.

“We want to thank Digicel Fiji for this initiative while celebrating their birthday and organizing this blood drive because this will benefit all Fijians,” said Bolaqace.

Digicel Fiji’s Head of Marketing, Ms. Sheryl Singh was happy to see this initiative through in its third year and applauded the response from the staff during the drive.

“This is a worthy cause and we believe in giving back to the community hoping this will help save some lives or help treat patients needing blood transfusion,” said Ms. Singh.

“On our 6th anniversary, just like we have done for the past two years we give a ‘gift of life’ as one donation will save three lives,” added Singh.

According to the Fiji National Blood Services, someone needs blood every 2.5 seconds and less than 10% of the population donates blood, while more than 70% of the population is still in need of blood. The benefits of donating blood include the testing of donors’ hemoglobin levels before donation, testing of blood pressure, assessment of body weight and a full assessment of donors’ health. Donating blood also reduces the chance of heart diseases, enhances the production of new red blood cells and burns Calories.

Digicel Fiji staff also gathered for a morning tea celebration at Kadavu House where brand ambassador and now Assistant Minister of Youth & Sport, Mr. Iliesa Delana was officially thanked and recognized for his career in politics.


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