Digicel Fiji gives $10m in credit for 10,000 select Digicel customers

Today, signals a new era for many mobile phone customers throughout the nation as Digicel Fiji uncovers a revolutionary offer that will see more than $10million of Digicel credit given to select customers over the next 500 days.VLR Sim

The $10million will be given to 10,000 select customers, who each receive $1,000 in Digicel to Digicel credit, equating to over 2777 minutes of talk or 7143 SMS per person.

Digicel Fiji Commercial Director, Andrew Skelton launched the promotion this morning and said that Digicel Fiji is excited to be once again breaking the mould and providing inventive new promotions to the people of Fiji.

“The promotion has only been in the market for a few hours and we have been inundated with interest from people all across the nation. We really pride ourselves on being the network for the people and giving people great value communications.”

“This promotion goes one step further in that it actually gives 10,000 select people $2 credit every day for 500 days of which the first 14 are 100% free,” said Skelton.

Following the first 14 day period, the customer will be only given the $2 free on-net credit per day if they Top-Up by a minimum of $2 per week. But for that $2 they will get 7 days of calling with $2 awarded every day.

Skelton added,” To prepare for the up-take in this promotion Digicel Fiji has strengthened its Customer Care calling division and has stocked up with new SIM’s so that we are ready to help get more people on the Bigger, Better Network.”

To check if your Digicel number was selected, call or text your Digicel phone number to 770 0700 or visit any Digicel store. For customers that have lost their SIM, visit a Digicel store with your ID, check if the number is still registered to you and if so we can do a SIM replacement for only $5.

The groundbreaking promotion compliments the other great Digicel promotions currently in the market, the MH Majestic Diwali promotion and the Punja’s Diwali giveaway promotion.


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