Traffic offenders beware

In light of the upcoming busy festive season the Fiji Police’s Traffic Department has boosted its capabilities after acquiring 6 speed radar guns.

Director Traffic SSP Mahesh Mishra says the festive season is a challenging operational period for the traffic department however all avenues are being put in place now to ensure Fiji’s roads are safe for all users.

As speeding continues to be the leading causes of road accidents and fatalities, SSP Mishra says they are will not be complacent with the monitoring of the issue.

“With the inclusion of these 6 radar guns we will have more than 20 in operation around the country this festive season”.

“This is being done for the sake of the travelling public because we are anticipating an increase in movement”.

With Diwali and Christmas just around the corner traffic operations will be beefed up to closely monitor major highways.

However the head of the Traffic Department says the major obstacle to keeping Fiji’s roads safe is one that cannot be changed even with the use of equipments.

“The biggest challenge we have as law enforcers is attitude. The attitude of drivers and pedestrians are equally of concern and need to be addressed if we are to be successful in this campaign”.

“The road death toll currently stands at 32 compared to 35 for the same period last year, and majority of the victims were pedestrians”.


Assault cases continue to be a great concern following an increase in the number of reports received in the last 48 hours. Six cases were recorded in the Western, Southern and Northern Division.

These include incidents whereby the victims were allegedly assaulted during drinking parties to being allegedly assaulted following an argument.

While a 32 year old security officer has been charged for allegedly assaulting a 32 year old cane truck driver of Qalau, Ra in Rakirakifollowing an argument about a ticket book, the investigations into the other cases continues.

The accused was charged with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm and has been bailed for court on 27/11/13.

The other cases currently being investigated are those whereby victims were allegedly assaulted during drinking parties, assaulted following a heated argument over loud music and a case whereby a 26 year old has been charged with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm after he allegedly assaulted a 21 year old student for refusing to have lunch with him in Labasa.

As noted in the above cases people are once again resorting to violence to sort their problems. Another worrying trend is the increase in number of assault cases reported during drinking parties.

As we near the festive season whereby a lot of parties will be held, the Fiji Police is requesting members of the public to drink responsibly and avoid being caught in such situations.

This is a time whereby people should be focusing on spending time with their loved ones and not be caught on the wrong side of the law.



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