Digicel staff take Diwali spirit to St. Giles Hospital

Friday 1 November – It was a mind-blowing experience for Digicel Fiji staff as they took the ‘Diwali spirit’ to the patients at St. Giles Hospital in Suva today. In the spirit of sharing and giving back to the community, staff visited the hospital today as part of their Diwali celebrations.

Digicel Fiji staff took vegetarian food and sweets for the 55 patients at the hospital. St. Giles Hospital is the only Psychiatric Hospital in Fiji. The Hospital offers both in-patient care and treatment and psychiatric community care services.

It was a heartwarming visit to the hospital and to be able to provide lunch and goodies for the in-patients was a wonderful gesture sharing the spirit of the occasion with a section of the community that’s often forgotten.

Staff served food to the patients and also shared in ‘talanoa’ sessions with some of them getting to learn about their daily life in the hospital.


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