Digicel supports International Food Festival


Digicel announces $10,000 cash and kind sponsorship of the International Food Festival organized by the Fiji National University

Friday 3rd October – Digicel Fiji has announced its sponsorship of the Fiji National University organized International Food Festival to be held in Nadi later this month. The sponsorship is for $10,000 in cash and kind value.

The FNU is launching an annual IFF this year as part of its ongoing initiative to provide strong and meaningful interface between education/training and the real world of commerce.

Digicel Fiji’s Head of Marketing, Ms. Sheryl Singh handed the sponsorship cheque to IFF event organizer, Ms. Aqela Cakobau at the Digicel Headquarters at Kadavu House in Suva this morning.

“We are delighted to support the efforts of the FNU and believe that this partnership is a stepping stone for both organizations. The IFF is expected to become a major tourist attraction for Fiji, generating millions of dollars for the country, specifically for tourism plants and industry operators,” said Ms. Singh.

“This is an excellent way to get involved with the community at large and provide them with proper education in terms of proper eating, food values and healthy living.”

“The IFF will be held every year for the next eight years and the FNU will have a unique theme selected each year around which the Food Festival will be organized. This year’s theme for the IFF is ‘Oceans & Rivers’,” said Ms. Cakobau.

The IFF will run from 13th to 19th October at the FNU Nadi Campus where a wide variety of food types originating from oceans and rivers will be displayed, prepared as meals by participants, which will be on sale at the festival.

“We aim to have participation from all the major food taste groups starting with the Pacific, of course, as well as European, Mediterranean, Caribbean, North American, South American, African, Middle Eastern, Russian and Asian. We also aim to include sub taste-groups from these regions,” added Ms. Cakobau.

The International Food Festival will be held parallel with the FNU International Conference on Oceans and Rivers, scheduled on 14th and 15th October at the Nadi Campus. The festival will showcase a variety of food representing the different cultures and nations participating. With that, numerous booths and ‘villages’ has been set up to promote different events during the festival while not diverting attention away from the main focus and its theme.

A few confirmed villages include:

  1. International Food Village
  2. Cooking Demonstration Village
  3. Children’s Village
  4. Arts & Craft
  5. Agriculture & Fisheries Village
  6. Horticulture Village
  7. Entertainment Village
  8. Fashion & Design and Hair & Beauty Village
  9. Medical Check-Up & First Aid



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