Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness & Risk Reduction Management Workshop

Persons with Disabilities are most vulnerable before, during and after natural disasters.

Fiji Disabled Persons Federation (FDPF) in partnership with the Pacific Disability Forum will be conducting a workshop on “Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness & Risk Reduction Management Workshop” at the Friendly North Inn from the 12  – 14 June 2013.

The 3 days workshop, will focus on understanding the different barriers faced by persons with disability in disasters. Participants will be provided  the opportunity to further their understanding on a ‘Disability Inclusive Disaster Toolkit for Fiji.’

More than 20 persons with disabilities from all over the Northern division will be empowered to advocate disability inclusivity in community based disaster management planning in Vanualevu. 

For more information; please contact Soloveni Vitoso  –infor@pacificdisability.org or 7082939


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