Fake notes discovered


Police are calling on members of the public to be careful while trading with money.This comes after a series of fake note were discovered after reports of its circulations in the western division surfaced specifically in the  Namaka and Lautoka police station sin the last 24 hours.These notes were discovered by Westpac Branches in Lautoka, Namaka and the HFC Bank in Namaka whilst the tellers were tallying up cash takings at the end of business day.


The fake $10 note with serial number FFB 145429 was discovered by a bank teller in Lautoka, while another fake $10 note was discovered by another bank teller in Namaka.

A fake $50 note with serial number DDO 44466 was also discovered by a bank teller in Namaka

This is in addition to the 7 cases of fake notes reported at Ba Police Station in the last week. So far we have received a total of 10 reports of trading using fake notes.



The police also wish to remind everyone that some fake notes are in circulation and reports of fake notes discovered are still coming in.The public are further advised to be more observant whilst trading.

Investigations still continue into the above reports.





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