Sorcery accused PNG highlands woman rescued following workshop


Just days after taking part in training to combat so-called sorcery killings in Papua New Guinea, two men have led the rescue of a woman who’d been tortured after she was accused of being a witch.

Earlier this month Paul Petrus and Gabriel Bak took part in a ‘Women not Witches’ workshop in Mt Hagen organized by the Seeds Theater Company.

Two days later in Mr Bak’s village of Komkui, a group of young men tortured and attempted to murder an elderly women they said was a witch.

Mr Bak called Mr Petrus in Mt Hagen, he raised the alarm with the police, and together they convinced the men to release the woman then took her to hospital for treatment.

Mr Petrus says he now wants to set up a dedicated rapid response group.


Source:Radio Australia (ABC)

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