Fiji Police News Update (14th April 2015)


The Fiji Police Force would like to reassure the communities who have highlighted their concerns regarding their safety in this morning’s Fiji Sun that measures are being put in place to avoid a repeat of such incidents.
I do admit there have been shortfalls as far as our service delivery is concerned and we offer no excuses, but do commit to improving and strengthening our approach in providing the safe environment which we are legally obligated to.
This morning a meeting was convened with the Units concerned and we will be increasing the tempo of operations and will be taking a strong stand against those who continue to disregard and disrespect the rule of law.
I want to give our assurance that all efforts will be made to restore lost confidence in the Fiji Police Force as highlighted by certain members of the community.
Again a strong warning that our officers have been directed to arrest those found drinking in public places, being drunk and disorderly and those found in to be drunk and incapable.
We had previously taken a more tolerant approach, however in light of the latest incidents highlighted by the media; officers will be adopting a zero tolerance stand on such behaviour.
Operations will also be ensuring businesses are operating within the hours permitted as per their business licences.

ACP RusiateTudravu
Chief Operations Officer

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