The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, today opened a workshop convened to discuss Fiji’s foreign policy intent. In his opening address, Ratu Inoke said that “Fiji needs a foreign policy framework that assists us achieve our foreign policy goals while at the same time maintain excellent international relations.”

The workshop was organized for government stakeholders to deliberate on a draft foreign policy statement for the nation.

Minister Kubuabola highlighted that the deepening levels of globalization and transnational activities, multi polar world, financial and economic crisis, peace and security issues, trans-border threats, among other issues, has prompted Fiji to devise its foreign and diplomatic strategy that attains the right balance in managing those factors.

The Government’s strategic directions in the post-election period features prominently in informing Fiji’s sovereign and national interests while achieving the goals set within its international relations.

Minister Kubuabola commended the Fijian Government’s Look North Policy, South-South Cooperation and Fiji’s foreign policy mantra of ‘Friend to all, enemy to none,’ saying they have served Fiji well.

He emphasised that Fiji’s international relations remain guided by the principles of equality among States, respect for national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs of States and respect for international treaties.

The workshop was facilitated by Fiji’s Ambassador to Japan Ambassador, Isikeli Mataitoga.


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