Give children reasonable chores: Police

During this school holiday, please do not expect your child to do everything chores in the compound.

This is normally a trend for families living in the rural areas where they expect their children even at Primary School to go fishing, collect firewood or tend to the family plantation which is located at quite a distance.

Accidents are bound to happen when adults expect so much from children spending their holidays at home.

In the past, the Fiji Police Force has experience a numerous incident occurring because of neglect and parents high expectation of their children.

Some Children in the rural areas are expected to fish for family meals so they are sent out with their friends to the rivers or sea.

Some are expected to collect firewood or even tend to their family garden without proper adult supervision.

On the eve of the start to this year’s second term, a twelve year old girl drowned at the Rewa River after she and her cousins went to check their family’s fishing net.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past and most parents have been taken to task for negligence.

The Fiji Police Force doesn’t want to see these sorts of incidents from repeating and are calling on all parents to give reasonable chores to their children who will be enjoying their break.

Police will continue to seek everyone’s assistance as it anticipates a safer and incident free school break for everyone.



Police anticipates weekend movement 

Police are anticipating a lot of movement this week as people will be travelling on the roads for the second term school holiday.

Police are calling out to all drivers and road users to take extra precautions while travelling on the road.

With the hype of activities happening like the Fiji Secondary School Rugby Finals, Tadra Kahani and the Hibiscus Festival this week people will be moving along the roads all around the country.

Drivers should be mindful of all pedestrians as many will be rushing to get to places.

Last year, pedestrians were the cause of most accidents and Police are also calling on all pedestrians to be mindful while on the road.

Not only will there be movements on the road, students will also be travelling to outer islands to spend their two weeks break with their loved ones.

Police are calling on students travelling to out islands to take heed of the weather before heading out.

Police Traffic department along with other stakeholders will be present in numbers on our roads to see that movements are freely and safe.

Public Service vehicles will be monitored since the safety of the people travelling will be the priority of relevant stakeholders that will be present on the road.

So far, 29 people have lost their lives on the road compared to 23 in the same period last year.

Police are hoping that this weekend of movement will be incident free and will continue to work hard to see that everyone reaches their destination safely.



Police to monitor student’s celebration

The annual school holiday is here and children around the country will be celebrating in their own ways.

This will be a crucial week for Police Operations since we will be dealing with school children who will be taking their celebrations to another limit.

It has been experienced in past years that this is usually the time when school students go to the extreme with their end of the term celebrations.

With the Fiji Secondary School Rugby Finals, Tadra Kahani and the Hibicus Festival this week, students will go out of their way celebrating.

The Fiji Police Force will be on full alert monitoring liquor outlets, picnic spots and night clubs where school students who will be celebrating.

While we want you to enjoy your celebrations, we will want you to keep your celebrations within the bounds of the law.

Students who are found in nightclubs or anywhere under the influence of alcohol will be taken to task as our Officers will be on full alert.

Internet Cafes and Entertainment Centers will also be monitored to ensure that their operations are within the bounds of the law.

Police is also giving a timely warning to liquor outlets and nightclub owners to refrain from entertaining people under 18 years of age.

Students found loitering after hours without suitable explanation will be taken to task.

We are also calling on all parents to strictly monitor their children’s movement this week.


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