Fiji TV announces broadcasting of no EPL series


The Fiji Television Limited today has announced that the English Premier League (EPL) Series for 2013 and 2014 season will not be shown on Fiji TV Platform.

The announcement was made after the unsuccessful conclusion of negotiations with the current program rights holders, MP Silva.

“The Fiji TV Management has made every possible effort to secure the program rights for EPL series for our viewers even though the season has already started a few weeks ago,” said Fiji TV Chief Executive Officer Tevita Gonelevu. He added that the EPL Series has been shown on Fiji TV platform for the past 10 years but the change in rights holders for the Pacific affected Fiji TV Group’s ability to secure affordable content for its SKY Pacific viewers.

Fiji TV group Is currently reviewing all its satellite coverage to ensure that compelling content is delivered to all its viewers in all of the 11 broadcasted countries, therefore the decision to conclude the negotiations on EPL was taken in the context of ensuring that affordable and compelling content is always delivered on SKY Pacific.

Meanwhile Head of SKY Pacific Nitesh Lal, has also requested for SKY Pacific subscribers to be understanding in the light of the financial constraints faced by Fiji TV Group in acquiring content and also the costs that will be passed onto the subscribers for content.



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