A six member delegation from International Youth Rights Protection Organization (IYPRO), accompanied by the Chairman Mr Feng Yang met with Permanent Secretary for Industry & Trade, Mr Shaheen Ali, at his office in Suva.

The organisation works to ensure that the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential and help to keep every child healthy, strong and safe. They help to protect every child from abuse, exploitation and violence and encourage everyone to take action to protect children’s rights.

“We have strong bilateral trade and economic relations”, said Mr Ali. “Co-operation in the area of children’s rights will benefit both countries in meeting their national and international commitments”. “Further cultural exchange and dialogue will also foster friendship and close ties amongst the youth of both countries”, said Mr. Ali.

The delegation is exploring potential areas for exporting and importing Fijian made products, especially for the benefit of children and encouraging exchange of information to enhance relationship between Fiji and China. The team will return in August 2014 to progress partnership and business opportunities that will further the interest of Fijian and Chinese children.


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