Furnishings to breathe freshness into your home

THE right furnishings can make all the difference to your living space.

Tappoo understands this well. Every piece in its furniture section at Tappoo’s department stores has been carefully selected.

The furniture selection includes dining sets, sectional sofas, sofa beds, bedroom sets, cabinets, and shelves.

Every furnishing in Tappoo’s stores is exclusive. This factoid is undestandably comforting for home owners who want to ensure their decor is not commonplace.

Moreover, each of Tappoo’s “affordable comforts” has character.

Those with an affinity toward nature will appreciate the extensive range of wood furniture. The dark, eclectic wood furnishings have been specially treated to withstand Fiji’s humid weather. It means they will last longer despite our harsh tropical climate.

Then there’s the dark rubberwood chairs and tables that have an artistic appeal. These are crafted so beautifully that they can lift the aura of any dull space.

There is also a wide selection of dining chairs, like the majestic Saphira range with its beautifully-sculptured wooden back-rest.

Then there’s the glass dining sets. For instance, the chic Scott glass dining table screams elegance with its bevel-finished edges.

Tappoo’s glass furniture range is moulded from 100% top grade tempered glass.

This ensures minimum damage or injury in case of accidents.

Such is the functionality of Tappoo’s furniture.

Equally important is Tappoo’s beautiful range of accessories.

Side tables, vases, lamp shades, wall decorations and mirrors exude their own character and will complement any decor.

These allow customers wide latitude to mix-and-match to create an inviting living space that seamlessly blends their sense of style with functionality.

Those who want to breathe freshness into their home without the hassel of major structural renovations can do so with the right furniture from Tappoo.

Tappoo’s furniture showrooms can be found in their outlets in Suva (TappooCity),  Nadi and Sigatoka.

Take a leisurely stroll and select a piece.

Any choice from Tappoo’s unique furnishings is bound to rejuvenate your living space.



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