Youth groups in Naitasiri were reminded on the importance of gender rights in the pursuit of youth development.

During an informal meeting with youth groups in Soloira in Naitasiri, the Minister for Youth and Sports Hon, Laisenia Tuitubou reminded the youth groups on the importance of including young women in the youth groups.

“I am very pleased to see that you have already set out plans and have also mapped out ways to develop your youth groups but one thing that I notice to be lacking in youth groups is the active participation of our young women,” he said.

“Please ensure that there is gender balance in your youth clubs,” he added.

Minister Tuitubou emphasised to representatives of the nine youth clubs on the important role females played in society.

“Women play an active role in decision making nowadays and they are good decision makers as well and can also serve the youth groups well.”

He also told youth clubs to be inclusive in their progress as young members of society.

“A lot of the youth clubs we have visited either have very little or no females at all in their youth group and I am therefore urging you to use and include females in your youth groups.

“The onus now is on you to invite females to become members of your youth group to guarantee that all youths actively participate in youth development,” he said.



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