Caption:National Women’s Expo Planning Committee members during their recent meeting.Photo:SUPPLIED.

A national planning committee has been established by the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation to organise the 2015 National Women’s Expo.

The committee comprises of representatives from government ministries, Non-Government Organisations and corporate companies. The Ministry organised its first committee meeting last week to formalise its partnership with various stakeholders for the National Women’s Expo 2015.

The Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Rosy Akbar says her Ministry looks forward for strengthened collaboration with all its stakeholders to organise a much bigger event this 2year.

“Government has allocated the funding of $500,000 for Fiji’s second National Women’s Expo. We look forward to advance women’s interest through this annual event, women groups all over Fiji will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents.

“Through networking of the planning committee, we hope to reach out to as many rural women, to given them with the opportunities for capacity building, skills training and economic empowerment,” Minister Akbar said.

As the build up to this year’s Expo, the Ministry has organised Divisional Craft Show competitions in the Central, Eastern, Western, Northern Division, including Rotuma. The competition will focus on Fijian Made Products with emphasis on quality and creativity.

In August 2014, the Ministry hosted Fiji’s First National Women’s Expo at Vodafone Arena in Suva. This event alone saw the participation of more than 2000 rural woman in events like trade show, fashion show, skills training, leadership training and violence free summit. The women who participated in the Expo last year collectively made $145,000.



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