High Performance Manager pleased with Fiji Cricketers


Cricket Fiji is pleased with the performance of Fijian cricketers Sekove Ravoka and Maciu Gauna at the EAP quad series in Brisbane held this week.

High performance manager Joe Rika said he was pleased that Ravoka had been fielded regularly in the regional team’s matches throughout the week.

“Hopefully all goes well for him and that he gets selected into the EAP cricket team to play in the Australian Country Cricket Championships.”

Rika said he was also grateful to see Gauna who is based at West Illawara cricket club in Australia get some game time during the tournament.

“We are proud of his achievement as well, and hopefully he will get more opportunities,” he said.

Players selected to play for the regional side in the Australian Country Cricket championships will get the chance to compete against top states in Australia.

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