Vodafone donates laptops to Nakasi High School

Vodafone ATH Foundation delivered 10 Geteks to Nakasi High School under the mEducation Programme, OCPL (One Child per Laptop) Initiative. The school did fundraising to collect the half of the cost of the Geteks and the Foundation contributed the other half of the costs.

The handover was done by the Vodafone ATH Foundation and Vodafone Fiji Staff at Nakasi High School. The school‘s Principal, Mrs. Premila Kumar, acknowledged the efforts of the Vodafone staff and the initiative Foundation had put in to enhance the development of education in Fiji.
The school embarked on this project because our Vision is to allow every student to access technological learning tool at Nakasi High School, said Mrs. Kumar. “We are thankful to Vodafone ATH Foundation to assist our school in becoming part of the technological era”, said Mrs. Kumar.
Foundation’s executive, Ambalika Kutty said that they are encouraging schools take advantage of the mEducation Programme rollout to enhance educational development in their schools.
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