Hollywood calling Actress Palak Shukla


With its eight Oscars and $100-million plus box office take, Slumdog Millionaire is opening America’s eyes to the power of India and its film industry. From “Spiderman” to “Mission Impossible,” Bollywood actors are increasingly finding their way into mainstream Hollywood films.

As Hollywood brings more Indian and Asian characters into its stories, established stars in India are now looking way in the West. “Slumdog Millionaire” actor Anil Kapoor has landed a role in the next Mission Impossible film, while Irrfan Khan, who worked with Angelina Jolie in “A Mighty Heart,” has bagged roles in both the next Spiderman film and “Life of Pi”.

Success is not limited to the men. Bipasha Basu, who as one of Bollywood’s most popular leading ladies also has her eyes set westwards, has won a role in Academy Award-winning director Roland Joffe’s next film, “Singularity.”

Recently Palak Shukla who has a renowned name in Fashion & Theater has got an offer from French Director after watching her short film “Baba and the Babes”. Palak Shukla had done her first international English short film as the main lead titled “BABA N THE BABES” has just got Best film at Clermont film festival 2011 and later screened and appreciated at Cannes 2011. The film deals with the subject of fake spirituality and exploitation on the name of religion.

Palak Shulka spoke to World News Network she said, “I am happy that I got an international offer by French Director. The Indian audience is increasing every day, not just in India, but also in the US and other countries.”

French Director Patrick Jean who was keen to sign Payal for his upcoming project. The Director was amazed by her performance he said, “She is a brilliant actor and perfect for any character.”


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