Imli Chutney Show Shocks Lautoka Fans Out

Caption: Fiji Boy Mr Jagdish Punja with Imli Chutney boy Jimi Nathu tantalizing the stage last night at Tilak High School in Lautoka. Photo: ASHTOSH SINGH.


After their first successful show, Fiji boy Jagdish Punja and the Jungli Murga of what he is now called Jimi Nathu the famous Imli Chutney singer set the stage on fire last night at Lautoka’s Tilak High School hall.

With back to back full entertainment three hour show and English Numbers with Bollywood songs and Mr Nathu releasing his new Album called “JUNGLI MURGA” the stage set alight with fans surprised to see their money coming to a worth.

“I had so much fun and enjoyed myself and contributed in a worthy cause all thanks to My Punja and Mr Nathu, ‘these guys rock’, I tell you,” a resident of Lautoka, Mr Kavi Ram said.


The third show sets up on the 13th of September at Rampur College, Navua at 7.30pm ,Organized by Rampur Education Society for Rampur College and Primary School and final show staging on the  14th of September  at Penang Sangam School , Rakiraki at 7.30pm , Organized by Penang Sangam School for the Rebuilding of the Burnt School Building.

Mr. Jagdish Punja told The Jet that they are coming at their own expense and not a single cent is being charged by them for their efforts and performances and said that his was their philanthropic contribution to their people in Fiji.

“God works in mysterious ways. When a need rises He sends help. So here we are taking our time out from our working schedule to help out,” said Mr. Punja.

Mr Punja

Meanwhile, Mr. Punja has asked the public to come and be a part of this worthy cause and in return enjoy one night of full entertainment and affection in an affordable price.


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