Insurance firm strikes a deal with Digicel

CAPTION: Digicel Fiji’s CFO Farid Mohammed (left) and Rohit Ram, Client Services Manager of Deven P Sharma Insurance Advisers & Risk Managers signing & post-signing of contract.

Monday – A significant signing between Digicel Fiji and Deven P Sharma Insurance Advisers & Risk Management took place in Suva today.

Digicel Fiji will implement and support a Dedicated Internet Service for the client.

“This is a significant development in the technological advancement,” said Digicel Fiji’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Farid Mohammed.

“This new signing helps our customers get the best product which in turn helps in growing their investment with the support of the advanced technology level especially tailored for their products,” said Mr. Mohammed.

“We see ICT capacity building as the single biggest area of development in our business in the short to medium term. Gone are days when such technology was the domain of large organisations,” said Deven P Sharma Insurance Advisers & Risk Managers Client Services Manager, Mr. Rohit A Ram.

“Thanks to Digicel Fiji, small and medium sized enterprises like us are now able to invest in affordable modern day solutions. Put it quite simply without this investment our business would be doomed for failure. More importantly the progress of our business to the next level cannot be achieved without the use of high speed ICT technology,” said Mr. Ram.

“We are happy to provide this kind of business solution for our customers and this deal will help provide our client with real time information in customer service,” said Mr. Mohammed.

Deven P Sharma Insurance Advisers & Risk Managers also manage another nine sub-agencies around the country and their main business is to provide third-party insurance policies.

This business depends on technology for their everyday needs and the entrepreneurial flair and spirit which defines Deven P Sharma Insurance Advisers & Risk Managers is a natural fit for a partner like Digicel.

“We would like to thank Digicel Fiji for this initiative in the Fiji SME market and urge other SME’s in Fiji to do the same and look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationship for years to come,” said Mr. Ram.


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