Lautoka water services restored

The Water Authority of Fiji wishes to advise its valued customers residing in the whole of Lautoka Area that supply has been restored to the following areas:


  • Vuda Zone

–          Lauwaki to Velovelo corridor

–          Velovelo to Navutu where flushing is currently in progress

–          Lomolomo

–          Viseisei and

–          Saweni


  • Kashmir Zone

–          Kermode

–          Kashmir

–          Simla to Ragg Street


  • Phllugger Zone

–          Lautoka City,

–          Namoli Village and

–          The Namoli Industrial Area


  • Tavakubu Zone

–          Vomo Street

–          Kaunitoni Street

–          Waiyavi Stages 1,2 and 3

–          Link Road

–          Razak Road, Rifle Range

–          V M Pillay Road

–          Sandalwood Street

–          M N Naidu Street

–          Parts of Sukanaivalu Road

Distribution of FIJI Water bottles will continue to Viseisei Back Road until this evening.

Customers who are still without water supply are requested to immediately contact the Call Centre on 3346777 or 5777 (Vodafone & Inkk users). 

Any inconvenience caused is truly regretted.


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