International Women’s Day FIJI – “When I Was A Girl – Intergenerational Leadership”


International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th, however as Sunday would obviously not be an optimum time, FWRM’s event will take place on the 7th. This falls under our GIRLS Programme (Grow, Inspire, Relate, Lead and Succeed), who have been responsible for past IWD events. GIRLS was designed and implemented for our young women leaders from the ages of 10 – 12.

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement intends to see women in all their life cycle, specifically marginalized young women, girls and women above 65 with the agency, lobbying skills and feminist analysis to create and lead positive change in their communities. This is based on a key pillar for the organisation, namely ‘Intergenerational Leadership.’

To initiate this process, our Young Women In Leadership team has planned a ‘Family Fun Day’, designed to break the ice and bring generations together. The GIRLS, graduates of our Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) programme and participants from our Fiji Young Women’s Forum will be actively involved on the day, which will kick start at Sukuna Park and be open to the public.

Intergenerational work demands that we recognize the inherent strength of each generation and the need we all share to be connected. The day is about building bridges and learning from generations before us. It is about what is possible when we view people of different generations as pure potential ready to engage, not left behind to wait. Whether addressing a certain issue, mentoring a girl child, teaching an older person to have agency over her body, or playing a particular sport, we are all meant to be working together.





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