Youths on the island of Koro have been reassured of Government’s assistance through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

While on a two day visitation to youth groups on the island as part of his intentions to gather information and to set platforms for deliverance of ministry services, Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou reiterated the ministry’s committed stance on overall youth development.

“After the completion of our visitation to youth groups on the island of Koro, it will bring the total number of youth groups we have visited so far to 297 and we are here to consult with youth groups of Koro to gather information and assess our services as a ministry.”

Minister Tuitubou also briefed youth groups about the ministry’s taskforce which was solely responsible for resolving issues brought up by youth groups during nationwide consultations.

“We have held similar discussions with various youth groups around the country, some groups are active, some are inactive and some youth groups we have managed to revive,” Mr Tuitubou said.

“The ministry has also set up a taskforce to look into issues and requests brought up by individual youth groups and we work immediately on these issues and so far 80 per cent of issues brought to our attention has either been resolved or has been brought to the attention of the respective line ministries so please feel free to discuss everything that concerns your youth group.

Minister Tuitubou added that Government ministers have also had continuous discussions regarding government services.

“If you also have issues regarding government services, we have had discussions at ministerial level so that whenever an issue regarding a particular ministry is brought up, we inform the minister responsible for that ministry’s necessary action.”

Provincial Administrator Lomaiviti Elimi Rokoduru also elaborated on government’s commitment to serving rural communities.

“Government is committed to providing its services to rural and maritime communities and part of the reason behind our visit is to bring these services to you.”

The Hon. Minister and his delegation met with youth groups from the villages of Navaga, Kade, Mudu, Namacu, Nakodu, Tuatua, Naisogoloa, Nacamaki, Nasau, Naqaidamu, Nabuna, Vatulele and Sinuvaca.


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