Youths of Koro have been challenged by the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou to give back to their communities and villages.

While speaking to youths of the two districts of Cawa and Mudu, Minister Tuitubou posed the idea and also issued the challenge to the youth groups.

“A recurring message that I reiterate to youths around the country is to ponder on what they can offer their communities or villages because our elders have paid their dues and are responsible for all the developments in our communities,” Mr Tuitubou said.

“I pose this challenge to the young people of Koro, what is our role and what do we have to offer when our elders are no longer here to pave the way forward for us?”

Minister Tuitubou emphasised the vast abundance of fertility on the island of Koro and urged youths of the 14 villages to take full advantage of their resources.

“We are immensely rich in our resources but are poor in possession and this can rightly describe the situation here on Koro.

“I therefore urge you to use the rich resources that are at your disposal and I ask that you as young people of Koro not to rest on your laurels as Government will continue to give you advice, the onus is on you to strive for success,” said Minister Tuitubou.

Hon. Minister Tuitubou, who is originally from Sinuvaca on Koro also took the opportunity to advise the youth to adhere to government advisories and programmes.

“Government has brought programmes and initiatives to the island and has thought extensively about the initiatives that will ultimately ensure that young people eventually become efficient and effective citizens,” he added.

“Though you may have your perceived ideas and ways of conducting things, please adhere to advice given by government officials because government has put in place such initiatives for your benefit therefore I hope you fully utilise it because this is your time to succeed.”

Nagadro youth club president Marau Sokobogi expressed his gratitude for the visit as youths in maritime areas hardly had the opportunity to meet government decision makers.

“I want to show my appreciation to the Minister and his delegation for visiting us the youths of Koro as we are in the maritime zone and this is also probably the first occasion a Minister has visited the youth of Koro,” said Mr Sokobogi.

“We hope that our discussions with the Minister will prove useful for us and I thank him for his words of advice and insightful words which hopefully will boost youth of Koro.


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