Nurses and doctors can now enjoy the comfort of a new home as their request  for better staff quarters in Lagi Health Centre in the Northern Division has come to end.

Today marked another milestone achievement for the Commissioner Northern’s Office  as the Lagi Health Centre Duplex Quarters of $368,177.00 was officially opened by the honourable Assistant  Minister for Health and Medical Services Veena Bhatnagar.

At her opening speech the assistant minister acknowledged the hard work and contribution of the Commissioner’s office that sourced the necessary funding.

“It has been over five decades that Lagi has had only two staff quarters, one for the doctor and one for the nurse,” Ms Bhatnagar said.

She said that government through their ministry has made inroads and paid special attention to ensuring that the welfare of its staff is given due priority.

“The Ministry believes that staffs working out in remote, rural and maritime stations as this should be provided good support and enhance their livelihood, making their lives easier,” she added.

She said accommodation in most rural settings is always a major challenge and Lagi should be very proud of the new development.

“These quarters will now allow for two nurses and their families to be posted to this facility hence it will allow for increased staff numbers who will be able to serve the people better,” Ms Bhatnagar said.


She added that the new accommodation would now mean that the dilemma that supervisors face in trying to secure a nurse couple in Lagi will now be a thing of the past.

Press Release

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