Lautoka water update

The Water Authority of Fiji wishes to advise it’s valued customers residing in the whole of Lautoka Area [from Lomolomo village, Vuda to Teidamu Hill] that progressive restoration of water is expected to commence within the next 48 hours.

However, water carting to the affected areas will continue until supply is fully restored.

Water trucks are currently carting water to the following areas:

  • Simla
  • Tavakubu
  • Waiyavi
  • Field 40
  • Rifle Range
  • Kashmir
  • Khermode Road
  • Balawa
  • Lawaki village
  • Lomolomo village
  • Viseisei Back Road
  • Wairabetia
  • Mudliar Street
  • Vuda Back Road
  • Hotels from Vuda through to Lautoka City
  • Lautoka Hospital
  • Schools
  • Correctional Services
  • Fiji National University
  • Old People’s Home.
  • Link Road
  • Tualesia Street
  • Covuli Street
  • Lauwaki Village
  • Namoli Village
  • V M Pillay Road
  • Hora Cresent
  • 33 Drasa Avenue
  • Phluggers Avenue
  • A V Narain (Kashmir)
  • Ganger Road
  • Magru Place
  • Chandmari Street
  • Natokowaqa
  • Delai Saweni
  • Padarath Road
  • Nabare Road
  • Evans Street
  • Kaunitoni Street
  • Vomo Street
  • Bebe Street
  • Rogovoka Street
  • Vuda Power House & Quarters
  • Valima Gov Quarters
  • Banaras

Water tanks are also placed at strategic locations and they are:

  • Lomolomo Village- 10,000 litres tank
  • Viseisei Village- 10,000 litres tank
  • Field 40 Road (beside ground)- 10,000 litres tank
  • Mudaliar Street- 3,100 litres tank

Customers residing in the above areas are requested to access water from the water tanks available. While, customers living in town boundaries, rural areas and isolated areas where water trucks cannot deliver water to, are requested to move to areas where the water trucks are stationed.

Any inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

For further enquires, customers can call 3346777 or 5777 (Vodafone & Inkk users).


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