Locals turn up in numbers to watch Audiopharmacy

Caption: Audiopharmarcy band member (sitting down) surrounded by the members of the Western Musicians and Entertainers Association at the Farmers Club in Nadi today. Photo: JOSEPHINE NAVULA.


One of Fiji’s local renowned artists, Homer Fere is urging the public to show their support for overseas musical bands when they are in the country to perform, at the Audiopharmacy live concert at the Farmers Club, Nadi, today.

Now the secretary of the Western Musicians and Entertainers Associations, Fere said they have put in a lot of effort in arranging for the band members together to perform here.

“The American embassy called and asked me to be part of this, do I arranged all my members together. At the same time we are supporting the American embassy into having this group performing here today,” he said.

Fere said his team of 70 members will be at the venue with the San Francisco based band from the United States of America.

“It will also be a good opportunity as we can get an opportunity of exchanging ideas interms of music,” he said.

The Audiopharmacy band is performing tonight in Nadi and will perform tomorrow in Suva.

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