The Public Service Commission (PSC) has commenced recruitment of qualified personnel under a Graduate Trainee Scheme.

PSC permanent secretary, Parmesh Chand said the Graduate Trainee Scheme will be employing and training selected candidates who have graduated from tertiary institutions and wish to pursue a career in the public service.

“We are looking to recruit the best and brightest and those that have the ability to pursue a long term career in the public service.”

Mr Chand said the graduate trainees will be required to learn through hands on work on all aspects of the civil service, able to edit and write relevant papers, documents and correspondence, prepare briefs and to provide assessments and presentations on assigned tasks.

The recruitment of graduates under the Scheme will on an ongoing basis, with at least five (5) trainees retained in the Scheme at PSC at any one time.

The graduates are first assessed by the Commission and the relevant Ministries and Departments before he/she is recruited to substantive positions.

The Scheme will be broadened to allow for larger Ministries as well as those Ministries and Departments providing specialized services to recruit their own Graduate Trainees.

Press Release

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