LTA CEO: Stop Using Illegal Lights


The Land Transport Authority will not tolerate motorists who install and use non-conforming lamps and emergency lights in their vehicles. LTA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Naisa Tuinaceva said this is illegal and it must stop immediately.

“We are tracking down vehicles which use illegal accessories and emergency lights, and anyone found using these will face the full brunt of the law,” remarked Mr Tuinaceva. “Vehicle owners should adhere to the law and refrain from using such lights as these can cause distraction and could lead to accidents.”

Pursuant to Regulation 55 of the Land Transport (Vehicle Regulation and Construction) Regulation 2000 the following lights are illegal:
Under floor lights; Wiper lights; Bonnet and windscreen washer lights; Fender or mudguard lights and Radio antenna lights.

Furthermore, Regulation 55-64 of the Land Transport (Vehicle Registration and Construction) Regulation 2000 clearly stipulates that:
For all Head, Front Marker (parker light), and Rear Number Plate Lamp should be White; For all tail Lamps the colours should be Red; and Turn signal lamp must be Amber.

The regulation does not permit any other colour or combination of colours allowed on any motor vehicle, other than those specified above.

Moreover, under the Land Transport Act, flashing of emergency lights is permitted for emergency vehicles only to clear path in emergencies so that they can reach their destinations quickly. Blue and Red is for LTA and Police, Red for Medical, Emergency and Fire. Amber light is for Tow Trucks, Public Utility Vehicles and any other vehicle approved by the Authority.

Vehicle owners who fail to comply with the law will be issued with defect notice and Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs).

Last year, LTA issued 2,551 defect notices to vehicles with non-conforming lights while 25 defect notices have been issued so far this year. LTA also issued TINs to 1,577 drivers in 2014 and to 31 drivers so far this year for driving a vehicle with non-conforming lamps and emergency lights. A maximum penalty of $200 applies for this offence.


Naisa Tuinaceva

 Chief Executive Officer  Land Transport Authority



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