LTA Suspends Five PSV Drivers License


Reckless and speeding drivers will not be allowed behind the wheels by the Land Transport Authority since their bad attitude and behaviour compromises the safety of all road users in Fiji. LTA has again issued a stern warning to drivers who continue to violate the national speed limit that they will have their driving license suspended or terminated, if they are caught speeding.

Recently LTA suspended five driving license – two in the central and three in the west – for speeding and reckless driving.

“The safety of people on the road is our top priority, unfortunately there are some reckless drivers who do not value human lives at all,” remarked Mr Naisa Tuinaceva, Chief Executive Officer of LTA. “LTA wants to ensure that people can travel on the road without fearing for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and that is why we will continue to suspend or terminate driving license of bad drivers.”

Drivers who have accumulated 10-15 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) may lose their license as well. The 15 TINs suspension policy was activated last year, and so far 100 drivers have had their license suspended. Drivers who accumulate three habitual violations can lose their license instantly

“If someone is booked two or three times for the same offence, it’s an indication that the person cannot learn from previous booking, and these are the type of drivers who are unfit to be behind the wheels,” said Mr Tuinaceva.

Meanwhile in its effort to be proactive in the fight against fatal road accidents this year, the Authority has purchased more highway patrol vehicles to increase its mobility and visibility around major accident prone areas. The Authority is also expected to bring in three more speed cameras that will also be visible in the Western Division.


Naisa Tuinaceva

Chief Executive Officer  Land Transport Authority

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