Koro Island is set to bear witness to a change in the livelihoods of farmers and young people in the lush and fertile island in the Lomaiviti group.

This comes after yesterdays’ launch of the Million Dollar Farmer initiative which puts in motion a set timeline for young farmers to become rural millionaires.

In launching the concept, Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou emphasised to Koro islanders of the importance of strictly adhering to the programme.

“This is the first initiative of its kind to be implemented in the country and you are therefore required to be exemplary in your implementation of it because Government has noted the abounding resources on the island.”

“People of Koro are fortunate enough to be given preference as far as this Million Dollar Farmer concept is concerned and I cannot stress enough its importance,” he added.

He elaborated that similar initiatives was earmarked to be launched in other maritime islands such as Rotuma, Kadavu, Lau and Lomaiviti for youths to actively be a part of.

Mr Tuitubou stated that the intention of the concept being launched on Koro was largely targeted at young ardent farmers.

“The thought herein is that in 20 years of aggressive farming by youths they will have earned well above $8million thereby becoming rural millionaires.

“It is therefore imperative that young farmers set long term goals now and have targeted outcomes to achieve and once these targets are achieved, no doubt your parents and elders will feel immense pride in your achievements,” said Minister Tuitubou.

Hon. Minister Tuitubou also called on youths to “vigorously toil the land and to use the resources which was readily available to them in order to realise Government’s intentions through the launch of the Million Dollar Farmer concept”

“Government is dedicated to providing the much needed opportunities to all Fijians citizens to ensure you live fulfilling and prosperous lives. The Million Dollars Farmers Initiative is a government instituted program, which hopes to garner rural millionaires from this agricultural concept,” he said.

Minister Tuitubou also requested that the vanua and the Church support government in its efforts to develop the lives of youths on Koro Island.

“I wish to seek the vanua and church’s support and I request that you work with Government, your support will go a long way in prompting the young people of Koro to achieve their goals through implementation of the Million Dollar Farmer initiative.”

Tuatua youth president Niusila Diwini thanked Government for the faith placed on Koro island and its young people.

“We are indeed fortunate to be a part of this program as our island is abundant in resources and is very fertile; the youths of Koro will surely have a lot to look forward to in years to come and I would like to thank Government for giving Koro youths this opportunity to become successful in the long run,” said Mr Diwini.


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