Caption: FRA CEO Neil Cook. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD. 

The Fiji Roads Authority has commended maintenance works carried out by road contractors to repair potholes around the country.

While acknowledging the enormity of the task in filling all potholes around the country, the authority’s chief executive officer Mr Neil Cook pointed out that unfavorable weather conditions have affected the works for contractors.

“We’ve got to carry out these works in reasonable weather conditions because once we complete the repair process, we don’t want potholes to reappear especially if it rains immediately after resealing”, Mr Cook said.

“Only when we get back on top of our reconstruction programmes and resealing programmes will we see this trend reduce to something manageable”.

In one week alone, the FRA attended to 1,950 potholes in the Western Division, 1,351 in the North. About 4,726 potholes for the Central Eastern division alone have been repaired in the same week.

The authority commended the work carried out by contractors for pothole maintenance and repairs including the patching process.

Meanwhile the authority highlighted that in order to ensure that quality work in being carried out, all road works around the country are monitored on a weekly basis.


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