Nadi confirms evacuation centres


Nadi Town Council has confirmed evacuations centres for the people of the town after the mad rush around the town when the Tsunami warning was being announced on Wednesday.

“The evacuation centres for the people in town is the Hospital compound and the Court House area.

Council carried its pre-warning and awareness operation yesterday with our enforcement team driving and announcing the tsunami on the speaker in town to warn people and our stakeholders to move to higher places. Council also shift all its plants and machineries to NFA station near the hospital for safety,” CEO Nemia Tagi said.

Tagi said they were moving around during the Tsunami evacuations were being carried out to make sure that everyone was in safe places.

“Our enforcement team and vehicles was also patrolling the town during this time to ensure that movement of traffic and people was smooth and freely without congestion and accidents.”

“Council also close its office and operation so staffs can find ways to get to their homes quickly.

The markets at Nadi and at Namaka were both closed at when the news of the tsunami was received,” he said.

Tagi later commends the people of Nadi for their quick response when the warning was being issued.

“I have to commend the respond from the citizens of Nadi and our business houses for their support and immediate action to respond to the warnings quickly shut down their businesses immediately and evacuate to safer places. Also I would like to thank the Police their work in guarding and looking after the town and the public at large yesterday,” he said.

No report of disorders or criminal elements or traffic accidents was recorded from the event.

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