NFA emergencies

National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters attended to three different major emergencies in the last 24hour period.

Yesterday afternoon, NFA firefighters at the Sigatoka Fire Station attended to the Road Accident Rescue at Cuvu, Sigatoka.

NFA Sigatoka received the emergency call at 1753hrs and immediately responded to the Road Accident call.

Upon arrival at 1812hrs, the Fire Team saw that a three tonne delivery truck had veered off the road at Cuvu in Nadroga. The driver was able to free himself but the 27 year old passenger was trapped inside the truck. The Fire Team utilized specialized rescue equipment and were able to free the victim safely. The victim was then transported to the Koromumu Hospital by the ambulance service vehicle

In another separate Road Accident Rescue at Waisali Settlement in Savusavu, NFA Labasa and Savusavu team attended to a Road Accident Rescue where a diesel tanker containing a 19,000 liters of diesel had tumbled down the Nabalebale Hill.

Upon arrival, the fire team saw the tanker at the bottom of slope. The fire team washed the diesel that was spilled on the road and was on standby to ensure that the tanker did not burst into a fire. .

Meanwhile in another emergency call received last night, NFA Lautoka responded to the property fire incident at the Gokul Printing Press in Lautoka.
Lautoka Fire Station responded to the fire emergency call which was received at 1858hrs.
Upon arrival at 1906hrs, the Fire Team saw the Gokul Printing Press building on Fire.
The Fire Team entered the Gokul Printing Press from the rear door and quickly utilized water from the tank supply to extinguished the fire and stopped the fire from causing any further damage to the Gokul Printing Press and stopped the fire spreading to the nearby shops in the Lautoka City.

NFA CEO John O’Connor is reminding members of the community to take extra care.

“This incident reflects how serious a situation on the Road and Fire can be if we are not careful.

“Motorists should always be mindful that they drive within the national speed limit and take extra care on the road to ensure their safety and the safety of the general public.

Mr O’Connor is again reminding members of the community to take fire safety seriously.

The incident at Gokul Printing Press last night is a another remainder to the members of the community and especially business owners to change their attitude towards fire safety and regard fire safety as very important and take the necessary actions to mitigate or eliminate potential ignition sources at home and likewise in their businesses.

“We hope that the members of the community take heed of our advice to avoid unnecessary fire incidents from damaging or destroying their properties”, Mr O’Connor added.



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