NFA trains staff on hazardous material

Caption: NFA staff posed for a photo with the ORICA Training instructor Mr Bruce Porteous and ORICA Fiji Limited’s Mr Savenaca Seniloli following the completion of the Hazardous material training. 

National Fire Authority (NFA) completed the hazardous material training for its firefighters at the NFA Head quarter’s in Suva today.

The one day training course was conducted to upskill the firefighters on hazardous material response which is the one of the core functions of NFA.

The training was conducted by ORICA Fiji Limited who are the manufacturers and distributors of chemical products in the country.

NFA CEO John O’Connor said the training course was important to the firefighters as it will further boost their capabilities when dealing with hazardous material.

“Given that hazardous material response is part of the core functions of NFA, such training is very important to the firefighters and will ensure that they better understand the properties of chemicals and the best methodology of dealing with such chemicals.

“Such training was also important as it identified the types of personal protective equipment need for special types of chemicals. The training today focused on two main chemicals namely Ammonium and Chlorine.

The NFA CEO highlighted as NFA builds its human resource capabilities, such training opportunities with regards to specialized services is very important for NFA firefighters as NFA continues to build its human resource capabilities.

Forty-one NFA staff attended this hazardous material training.

The training was organized by ORICA Fiji Limited after discussion with the NFA. It is important for the two agencies to work in collaboration to ensure that firefighters are well prepared in case of a chemical incident.

ORICA Fiji Limited are the experts in chemicals and we will work closely with them to ensure we keep abreast with chemicals that are being distributed in Fiji.

NFA would like to thank ORICA Fiji Limited especially Mr Savenaca Seniloli for his assistance in the provision of such training. The trainer, Mr Bruce Porteous is the ORICA New Zealand’s country manager and we are thankful that he was available to provide such specialized training for NFA firefighters.

NFA firefighters and ORICA Fiji Limited employees had also conducted a joint operation drill in relation to a response to a chemical incident earlier in the week.



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