Retailers welcome daylight saving


The Fiji Retailers Association has welcomed the introduction of daylight savings from today. In a statement, association president Himmat Lodhia has referred to the initiative as timely.

“We are looking at the positive side and advantages of daylight savings,” Mr Lodhia said.

“We know the tourists will love the added evening hours to spend in the sea and sand with all the sun!

“The workers throughout Fiji will have the extra daylight hours with their families and friends.

“This means good quality time will be spent with the family. This also means additional advantage to the home gardeners and the sports people.

“The Suva City and the newly developed foreshore paths will be seeing the best usage during the months the daylight saving is on.

“We understand there will be inconvenience and a little extra adjustment that will be necessary at the beginning to get used to the daylight saving. But the advantages far outweigh the initial adjustments,” Mr Lodhia concluded.

Daylight saving started at 2am this morning (October, 27) and will carry on until.

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