Officers up-skilled on Public Order Management

As Fiji gears up for the general elections in September, Public Order Management is an important aspect for the Fiji Police Force.

This was the view of the Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Ravi Narayan while opening the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Public Order Management Workshop this morning (20th April, 2014).

The two days workshop which is been held at the Fiji Police Academy is attended by the Force Department Directors.

The Deputy Commissioner said the ICRC is an international recognized Organization which has worked tirelessly with law enforcement agencies in educating its members on the importance of Public Order issues.

“They also see that law enforcement agencies and armed forces observe International Standards and laws particularly Human Rights when dealing with Public Order situation. Fiji has adapted this International Law and therefore has a duty to comply with them,” said DCP Ravi.

The Deputy Police Commissioner told the participants that strategic planning and decision making during public order occurrences will be discussed and it is important they understand the concept.

The ICRC workshop facilitator Daniel AGoB said this was an important workshop for the Fiji Police and he is glad that it is been attended by its hierarchy officers.

“The workshop is about raising awareness and raising International Standard of Policing in order to support our colleges from the Fiji Police Force to better practice the cause of their work and their day to day activities,” said Mr AGoB.


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