Nadakuni Village headman Peni Tuiviti thanked the Fulton Hogan Hiways crew for repairing the old Kings Road.
The road provides access to Nadakuni Village for buses, light carriers as well as tourists who find the scenery in the area “outstanding”, including the Nadakuni Waterfall.
Mr. Tuiviti said, during heavy rains “the road turned to mud cutting off transportation, making it impossible for students to go to school and even worse for farmers who had to carry their produce on their backs up a steep 200 metre hill on their way to market.”
Maintenance work on the 1.7 kilometer road carried out by Fulton Hogan Hiways, as part of their maintenance contract for the Central Eastern Road Network for the Fiji Roads Authority, includes clearing of over grown vegetation, improvements to roadside drainage, adding road base metal to the road and grading to smooth the surface.
“A good road makes all the difference so we can now travel safely with no interruptions from the weather,” a happy Mr. Tuiviti said.


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