Oreo Is Finally Bringing Back Its ‘Most Requested’ Flavor.


PHOTO: Google.

You demanded it, and now Oreo is officially bringing back its popular red velvet cookie. Reminiscent of its namesake dessert, the Red Velvet Oreo features red velvet-flavored cookie and a cream cheese-flavored creme in its center.

Oreo previously hinted at the cookie’s return in a handful of social media posts and finally confirmed the news in a post shared on X (formerly Twitter) today.

“Dreams really do come true,” Oreo wrote. They also reposted a tweet announcing that Red Velvet Oreos are back.

Given that the Red Velvet Oreos were last seen on store shelves back in 2020, fans are pretty pumped about the cookie’s return.

“Soooo happy these are back! I wished they’d return since they were discontinued in 2020,” one fan on Instagram commented.

Another person dubbed the cookie “the greatest” flavor from Oreo.

“Oreo, thank you very much is the greatest Oreo cookie of all time in my opinion. I was really upset when you guys took it away but thank you for bringing it back,” they wrote.

Given that the cookies are a limited-edition release, there are some people who expressed concern about being able to get their hands on a pack.

“I really hope they’ll be available everywhere, such as grocery stores. especially in my city, Toronto. I’ve never ever seen them anywhere in my entire life so I’ve never been able to try them. I really want to,” one person on X wrote.

The cookies are set to hit shelves on September 12, so make sure buy them while you can!


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