Caption: Laying hands – Outrigger Fiji Bilibili team bless their craft.Photo: SUPPLIED



Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji launched their bilibili craft for the 29th annual bilibili race at the Sigatoka River last week. The launch saw the team laying hands on their craft to bless her before she was tested in the river.

The team have been preparing well for the annual races consistently for the last two months.

Outrigger on the Lagoon · Fiji team and resort manager Russell Blaik said the team worked on their fitness levels before hitting the water for kayak and bilibili training.

“This year we rallied the team in earlier to work on their fitness levels and technique in the water. Our staff have been so committed to their training and it’s encouraging to see the team bonding well”, Mr. Blaik stated.

“This year we got one of our staff from our Baravi restaurant to construct our bilibili. The young lad is from Namosi and it was exciting to watch him construct our craft in a traditional manner using magimagi and traditional expertise”, Mr. Blaik continued.

“Our bilibili floats well, our teams have tested her and we are ready for the competition! We are looking forward to the races on Fiji Day!” Mr. Blaik added.

The annual bilibili races held at the Sigatoka River on Independence Day 10th October every year is a friendly competition amongst hotels and tourism service providers. The competition includes a marathon, coconut bowling, waiters relay, board walk, egg throwing, kayak races and the champion bilibili race.

Meanwhile, in its 29th year of competitions, the bilibili race began in 1984 and was called the ‘Charlie Regatta’ held then on Prince Charles birthday public holiday.


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