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Drowning case claims another life

Another alleged drowning case was recorded in the last 48 hours and the Fiji Police Force is pleading with members of the public to take extra precautions as we encounter the adverse weather condition in some parts of the country.

The incident occurred on Friday at Soa village, Ra around 5pm whereby a 21 year old had accompanied his 16yr old nephew for a swim. It is alleged that the victim was left swimming alone after his nephew sustained injuries and headed back to the village.

The 21yr old’s body was discovered the next day floating near the river bank and later reported to police by the Turaga-Ni-Koro.

Meanwhile, the search continues for a 24year old farmer who is alleged to have been swept away by strong currents whilst trying to cross the Vorovoro River, in Dawasamu in the early hours of Saturday (06/12/14) morning.

The incident is the third of its kind reported to police during the weekend.

It has been a tragic weekend for a number of families who have lost loved ones due to drowning and we don’t want any more families to be suffering. What is more concerning is the fact that these incidents could have been avoided if everyone had cooperated and taken the warning to stay away from flooded areas seriously.

During what is supposed to be a time for joy and festivities, two families will be mourning the loss of their loved ones, while another remains uncertain about the fate of their loved one.

The Fiji Police will continue to issue these safety advisories for everyone’s safety however the onus is on every individual to comply as we cannot be everywhere to police the issue.

We are once again pleading with everyone to take the necessary precautions and adhere to the advisories from authorities during the current weather spell to prevent further loss of life.

Meanwhile two families have once again lost their loved ones following separate road accidents on Friday November 5..

The first incident occurred between 8.30pm – 9.00pm along Adi Davila Road, Davuilevu whereby a 6 year old was allegedly hit by a vehicle.

The victim had been selling cassava with his 14year old brother by the roadside when it is alleged he suddenly ran across the road and was hit by the vehicle traveling towards Davuilevu Housing.

He was rushed to the Nausori Hospital and later to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital where he unfortunately passed away early this morning.

Police are requesting information that could help identify the vehicle involved as investigations continue.

In another incident last night a 48 year old man was allegedly hit by a vehicle driven by a 22 year old woman along the Queens Road in Navo, Nadi at about 2100 hours.

It is alleged the incident occurred when the victim was crossing the road. He was conveyed to the Nadi Hospital where he was unfortunately pronounced dead.

The suspect in this case was earlier booked for speeding 20 minutes prior to the tragic accident that allegedly claimed the life of the 48 year old in Korovuto in Nadi.

As investigations continue this is another case whereby it is evident some motorists are clearly demonstrating their disregard for road safety and continue to drive recklessly with a total disregard of others rights to be safe on our roads.

During what is supposed to be a time for joy and festivities, two families will be mourning the loss of their loved ones.

The police  are once again pleading with everyone to take road safety seriously. The Fiji Police will continue to request for cooperation but as stated by the Commissioner of Police it is the decision you make that will ultimately determine your fate.


Members of the public are urged to take precautions during the heavy rain being experience in certain parts of the country.

Reports coming in say certain areas will not be accessible due to flooding.

Lodoni Bridge – vehicles coming from Natovi are not able to cross at Lodoni as the bridge is under water.

Dakuinuku village – currently affected and request evacuation.


SOUTHERN DIVISION: Wailoku River – Water level rising, wooden bridge that goes towards Marata, Koio village is under 2ft water.

Nadawa – water level receeding, only 1 house affected.

River Rd,Narere – Water level rising [0.5ft]


EASTERN DIVISION – NAUSORI – Koronivia Rd, Rewa River – water level rising slowly.

Korociriciri Rd, Vusuya Rd – under water closed to all traffic.

NAKASI – Waidamudamu settlement under water.
Korovou police have also received a report of a vehicle that was buried in landslide at Naivicula Road and officers are trying to get to the said location.


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