Police news:18.1.15


Police report two people in custody for alleged involvement in death of 42 year old

Two people remain in custody for their alleged involvement in the death of a 42 year old casual labourer of Tiri Road.

The victim’s body was found by a woman floating in a mangrove swamp earlier this week and the case was yet to be classified pending the outcome of the post mortem.

However the post mortem was conducted and while we cannot reveal the cause of death, the results did indicate alleged foul play and the case has now been classified as an alleged murder.

As a result two suspects, a 40 year old woman and a 43 year old man are in police custody for their alleged involvement in the victim’s death as investigations



Namosi Community Post Lights Up.

The Namosi Community Post will now fully operational after the installation of solar technology thanks to Cal Valley Solar.

Cal Valley Solar is a US Based company specializing in solar technology and is in partnership with local company Neotech Solutions, a company that specializes in Renewable Energy and Security solutions.

Since its establishment in 1995 the Community Post had mainly relied on a generator for electricity and until just recently had their power source affected. This also affected service delivery to the people of Namosi.

“Previously, there was a power generator and we had to prioritize the use of power and at times we used to forfeit the use of some electrical appliances”, says Police Constable Benidito Karekare.

The post is located in the highlands of Namosi and looks after a total population of about 5,852 people, covering 140 square kilometers with a total manpower of 4 police officers. The installation of the solar technology has not only improved their delivery of service, but it has enabled the officers to communicate with other stations and Divisional Command which was previously not possible all the time.

“We cannot keep the power on throughout, as the generator eats up a lot of fuel. Now that we have the solar panels installed, we can utilize all the electrical equipment which can be powered by solar”.

Cal Valley Solar’s Director of International Sales Mr Yaswant Singh did not hesitate to assist the officers at the Namosi Community Post and this was evident in his generous assistance.

“When there is no power in the police post or any center that provides essential services, my opinion is that it should be regarded as a National Security issue and I felt that I had a solution and could assist the Fiji Police Force”, says Mr Singh.

Apart from the installation of the solar technology, Mr Singh also made a kind contribution of electrical appliances including an electrical kettle, small fridge, iron, fan, laptop and a Digicel modem.

Items truly appreciated by the officers at the Namosi Community Post as it will assist them with their work.

“We would like to thank Mr Yaswant Singh for the kind contribution with his assistance we will be able to further improve on our service delivery to the people of Namosi”.



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