A Good Samaritan


Caption:Cal Valley Solar’s Director of International Sales Mr Yaswant Singh explains how solar technology works after it was installed at the Namosi Community Post.Photo:supplied.

Indeed the bible teaches us a story of a Good Samaritan that came to the aid of an injured man by the roadside. Similarly, this was the scenario when Mr Yaswant Singh met up with a Police officer who was on his way home from work one evening in November last year.

“I was driving from Suva to Nadi and I got stopped by a police officer who was by the roadside”.

“At first I thought I was getting a ticket but when the officer approached my vehicle, he asked me for a ride down to Navua”, said Mr Singh.

The Director of International Sales for Cal Valley Solar recalls how he learned about the predicament of officers serving at the Namosi Community Post who were working without any source of electricity thus limiting their work to when they have sufficient light during the day.

“I was touched by what I was hearing and it dawned on me that I could help so I approached the Minister of Defence the Honorable Timoci Natuva and Deputy Commissioner Isikeli Vuniwaqa for permission to assist the Community Post”.

Born and raised in Fiji, Mr Singh migrated to America in the early 1980s and returned after 22 years to help improve the lives of ordinary Fijians. He has travelled around most parts of the country, and believes that Solar Technology provided by Cal Valley Solar is the solution to lighting up rural areas.

This also was the reason why he chose to help the Namosi Community Post considering the importance of having electricity to enable them to conduct their work on a 24 hour basis.

“When there is no power in the police post or any centre that provides essential services, in my point of view that has to be regarded as a National Security Issue which is why I decided to help”.

Mr Singh then visited the post and conducted his groundwork beginning his Solar installation works soon after. The installation was completed with labor assistance from Neotech Solutions, a local based company, specializing in Renewable Energy and Security Solutions.

“Neotech Solutions provided us with labor as our company has not yet been registered under Investment Fiji to conduct such works. It took us about 3hours to install the solar panel and all its equipment and now it is in full operation”, adds Mr Singh.

Similar installations have also been done in resorts like Safe Landing Resort in the Yasawa Group of islands, nurses’ quarters and homes in Gau and Lomaiviti. And with solar regarded as a Renewable Energy, consumers can be assured that this method is cheap and environmentally friendly.

“Three months ago, we also installed this solar panel in Gau and also at Nawaisomo Primary School which has a total of 7 buildings. This has helped them savedcosts and we’ve had positive feedbacks from these clients”.

The installation will not only be cheap, but Mr Singh has assured his clients that technicians have been made available at various locations within the country.

Apart from his passion to provide solar technology, Mr Singh also describes his sympathy for the struggles of families trying to provide adequate support towards children education.

“When you go to rural areas in the night, you see children studying under the limited lights of kerosene lamp and not only is it not good for their eyes, but they are vulnerable to risks of fire, and emission of smoke from the lamps or the diesel from generators”, said Mr Singh.

The installation at Namosi Community Post has an estimated value of $11,000.00 including the full solar panel kit and its backup batteries. Apart from the installation, Mr Singh also donated some electrical appliances to the post which included Electrical Kettle, a fan, iron, a laptop and a Digicel Modem.

Such assistance rendered towards the Police has always been welcomed by the Force as it hopes to reach out to greater numbers in the community. Mr Singh proved to be not only a true Fijian by giving back to his community, but also a Good Samaritan who aided a police officer who was in need of a ride back home.



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