Police probe missing persons case


Information is being sought in regards to two missing person cases recorded in the Eastern Division.

The first case is of 21 year old Etasa Vakasoko who was last seen leaving her home in Nasilai, Rewa on December 17 2014  to collect her scholarship in Suva. Etasa is of fair complexion and is slim built. Checks made with all relatives and friends have so far proved negative.

The second case is regarding 20 year old Ashwini Rohmita Kumar who went missing from her Visama home on January 12th of this month.

A report was lodged by her in-laws after her husband discovered her missing at home when he returned from work. Checks made so far with family have been negative.Ashwini is of fair complexion and has long black hair.

Anyone with information that could help us locate the two is kindly requested to call the Eastern Command Centre on 9905 563.








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